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But What Can I Do?

We are always in the need of help during our fundraising events. The goal of these events is not only to raise money but to also raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Whether you are helping behind the scenes or on the scene or just passing out flyers, every position is vital and your help is needed and greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in working in the Jaquelyn Sky Foundation 2019 Gold Run, please fill out the Volunteer Registration below.

For information about other ways you can volunteer, please Click Here to email us through our Contact Us page and ask that we send you a list of upcoming events that you may be available to help.

Every Family Needs Help Fighting

We have given the families staying in Jackie’s House the name Fighter Families because that is exactly what they are. They are fighters who haven’t given up and won’t give up. Despite their living or financial circumstances they are 100% dedicated to doing whatever it takes to save their child.

Jackie’s House is so important because it allows these “fighter families” to not have to rely on themselves to fight the financial and emotional battle associated with the cancer. They are able to stay in a house close to the hospital where they are being provided shelter, meals, and transportation. Most importantly, they can have peace of mind about their expenses so they are better able to focus on their child.

If you or someone you know is fighting this battle of childhood cancer in Houston, Texas please contact us through our Contact Page and fill out the form.

You do not have to fight this battle alone!

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Join the Fight

Did You Know?

Attend An Event

The Jaquelyn Sky Foundation hosts several events throughout the year and we would love to have you join us. Choose an event, mark your calendar and let us know you will be joining the fun.

Donate Today

Donating today gives children with cancer and their families a chance for hope by helping take care of them financially and physically during their cancer treatment. We can’t cure childhood cancer by ourselves, but together we can help those fighting this monster! Please donate today.
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Building awareness of childhood cancer is critical to funding, finding a cure and helping those families in their fight. In the world of social media- sharing events, posts and pages can go a long way in helping us with our cause.

To help, please consider sharing on your Facebook page and by liking us on Facebook at Jaquelyn Sky Foundation.

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Volunteer Registration

The Jaquelyn Sky Foundation is seeking volunteers to serve during the
JSF 2019 5K Gold Run
on September 7, 2019 from 7:00 – 11:00 am.

We depend on our volunteers to make race day run smoothly!

Fill in the information below to indicate how you would like to be involved.

Volunteers will be contacted prior to event day but must also check-in at the Volunteer Station on race day.

If you need volunteer hours signed off on for high school or college, this can be done upon check-in.  


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